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Butuh inspirasi untuk penginapan? Hotel murah berperingkat teratas di Siwa termasuk Romance in the desert, Moon Valley Siwa Oasis, dan Temple House berdasarkan ulasan pengguna. Skyscanner hotels merupakan cara yang cepat, gratis, dan sederhana untuk mengatur aktivitas menginap Anda. Dalam beberapa kali klik, Anda dapat dengan mudah mencari, membandingkan, dan memesan akomodasi di Siwa dengan mengeklik langsung melalui situs web hotel atau agen perjalanan. Tidak ada biaya yang ditambahkan ke aktivitas menginap Anda dengan memesan bersama kami. Untuk memulai, cukup tambahkan tanggal perjalanan pilihan Anda ke kotak pencarian di atas dan biarkan kami menemukan penawaran hotel yang murah untuk Anda. Sebagai alternatif, pilih dari opsi hotel di atas.

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Blind Carbon
Blind CarbonNew Orleans

The major cities of Egypt are large and chaotic, full of rushed people and gridlock traffic, making it complicated to get much rest while visiting. Escape to Siwa, the most culturally distinct area in the country, located west of Cairo in the middle of the Libyan Desert. At first glance, the land is composed of miles and miles of sand, but upon closer inspection, it offers inviting oases, calling out to eager visitors. Not to worry, this is not a mirage; the natural cold and hot springs are real and intended for total relaxation. Amidst the seemingly dry and arid backdrop of the rolling sand dunes, the land is fertile, supporting the growth of date palms and olive trees. Life in Siwa is simple, transporting you to the ancient times of Alexander the Great when he and his troops first discovered this hidden gem and sought refuge from the unrelenting desert conditions. To fully experience the breadth of the endless desert and to soak in its mysterious waters, find a local guide and negotiate a reasonable price for him/her to take you around by Jeep, winding through the ever changing sand formations and to the source of the area's vision of beauty and serenity. Getting here involves an inexpensive overnight bus ride from Cairo, at times a long and rough journey, but completely worth it when you open your eyes to the sun rising over the peaceful desert.

Zora O'Neill
Zora O'NeillNew YORK!

Way out on the western fringes of Egypt, this oasis town is remarkable for its sense of isolation, and also because it's home to a very different culture from the rest of Egypt. The people who live here are more closely related to Berber tribes, and speak a Berber dialect called Siwi. The mud architecture throughout the town is nifty, and you can go swimming in freshwater springs, meandering through date plantations and touring through the surrounding desert. But most of its appeal is the sense that you're a million miles from anywhere--it's almost like being at sea on a ship. In fact, the way the horizon shimmers, it can even look like water--it's wonderfully disorienting.

Stephen Bugno
Stephen BugnoAnchorage

The Siwa Oasis is an oasis in Egypt, located in the Libyan Desert, nearly 50 km east of the Libyan border. Siwa is a unique place. It’s a town of mud brick buildings surrounded by palms and groves of dates and olive trees. The Oasis is also good base to head out to the giant sand dunes.

Adrian Keogh
Adrian Keogh

Beautiful oasis town...

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