13 Apr 2020 - 14 Apr 2020

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Nicole Dawas
Nicole Dawas

So many shops and locals! Excellent way to get a true taste of Amman! BEST food in town as well!

. Troy
. TroyMiravet

Any first time visitor to Amman may be forgiven for thinking that the place is just one huge, unplanned sprawl. While that may be true, the city is an interesting metaphor for the confidence sweeping Arab nations, though in this case the American influence is strong to see. Much like Beirut now and Cairo in the 1960s, Amman is a fascinating, cosmpolitan city representing not just the crossroads of various Arab cultures, but also touch points with the west. My broad characterisation of the place is not dissimilar to parts of Germany or Switzerland: one the one hand embracing the global village, on the other, quite conservative and rightly holding on to its own traditions and identity. For all of those reasons, I love the place.

TrinityLos Angeles

Amman was the gateway to The Holy Land in Jordan. As Jordan's largest city, it's busy and crowded, with lots of cars and people. Coming into and out of the city, you see scores of homes and businesses along rolling hills. What a sight to see! The streets were clean and we were treated very nicely by the locals. To get around, know where you need to go based on the 8 circles. Most importantly, it helps to know which circle your hotel is located.

Joseph Coureur
Joseph CoureurNew York City

Amman is a wonderful city that I want to explore more. The Old Testament makes much more sense when you see Jordan.

Pertanyaan Umum

Bulan yang paling murah yaitu Mei, dengan rata-rata sebesar Rp 727.095 per malam. Bulan yang paling mahal untuk menginap di Amman yaitu Maret, dengan tarif rata-rata sebesar Rp 1.151.234 per malam.
Rata-rata tarif hotel di April tahun lalu yaitu Rp 807.884 per malam. Tarif ini 11% lebih rendah daripada rata-rata tarif per malam sebesar Rp 897.088 yang dilihat selama 12 bulan sebelumnya.
Di Amman, rata-rata suhu yang diharapkan di bulan April yaitu 17,0°C/62,5°F. Bulan yang paling tinggi suhunya yaitu Agustus, kira-kira 32,5°C/90,5°F. Bulan yang paling dingin yaitu Januari, dengan rata-rata suhu 3,8°C/38,8°F.
Bandara terdekat ke Amman yaitu Amman Civil - Marka (ADJ) (5,60 km). Bandara terdekat lainnya di antaranya: Amman Queen Alia (27,09 km)

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