13 Apr 2020 - 14 Apr 2020

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Engr Tani
Engr Tani

I love this city. This city is famous for historical tombs, Graveyard, Sohn Halwa in Sweets and Mangoes. loving city, loving Architecture and loving people also. ❤️❤️❤️

Mohammad Arshad Qazi
Mohammad Arshad QaziIslamabad, Pakistan

Nice place for economical and Hosri things. Do not forget to visit Dargah Sharif

Tayyab Gohar
Tayyab GoharMultan


Ayaz Kaif
Ayaz KaifMultan

Multan is a very old and historical city. It has passed through many vicissitudes of fortune in its long and chequered history but has always been acknowledged as a place of great culture and civilization and has grown from strength to strength to occupy, as it does today, a very distinguished and honorable position among the cities of Pakistan. 200-BC:The earliest history of multan fades away in the mists of mystery and mythology. Most of the historians, however agree that multan beyond any doubt, is the same Maii-us-than which was conquered by Alexander who faced here tremendous resistance. He was fatally wounded while fighting to capture the citadel. For the first time his sacred shield, which he had taken from the temple of Illion, Athena, and which he used always to be carried before him in all his battles, rolled in dust while he fell unconscious on the ground with blood gushing out from his wounds. But that was the scene which inspired the Macedonians and seeing their king in that state they launched a lightening attack and captured the citadel without any further harm to Alexander. Alexander, however, never recovered fully well after this battle and died, on his way back, at Babylon.

Pertanyaan Umum

Bulan yang paling murah yaitu Juli, dengan rata-rata sebesar Rp 605.913 per malam. Bulan yang paling mahal untuk menginap di Multan yaitu November, dengan tarif rata-rata sebesar Rp 1.797.541 per malam.
Rata-rata tarif hotel di April tahun lalu yaitu Rp 787.687 per malam. Tarif ini 18% lebih rendah daripada rata-rata tarif per malam sebesar Rp 935.799 yang dilihat selama 12 bulan sebelumnya.
Di Multan, rata-rata suhu yang diharapkan di bulan April yaitu 25,1°C/77,1°F. Bulan yang paling tinggi suhunya yaitu Juni, kira-kira 40,5°C/104,9°F. Bulan yang paling dingin yaitu Januari, dengan rata-rata suhu 5,4°C/41,7°F.
Bandara terdekat ke Multan yaitu Multan (MUX) (5,00 km).

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