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Rich Carriero
Rich CarrieroLongmont

I'm reading a book about Billy the Kid that I bought in Lincoln, New Mexico and it explains that Roswell was founded as a major cattle center along the Pecos, dominated by massive herds of rancher John Chisum. It's ironic, then, that today the town is most known for the alleged crash of a UFO in 1947. The International UFO Museum & Research Center is undoubtedly the main tourist draw. The Chihuahua desert and Bitter Lake Wildlife Refuge, however, are stark examples of nature at its most extreme.

Travel + Leisure
Travel + LeisureNew York City

A UFO allegedly crashed in Roswell in the summer of 1947, altering this town forever. Now Roswell is alien obsessed, and even the local McDonald’s is shaped like a flying saucer. UFO tourism has attracted folks to this small New Mexico town, where visitors frequent UFO-themed shops like the Alien Zone and turn up for the annual summer UFO Festival. (The cult TV show Roswell provided an added boost.) Skeptics and believers alike will find much to think about at the International UFO Museum and Research Center.

Angie Peoples
Angie Peoples

What a joke a tourist trap this town turned out to be! Such a disappointment!

Daniel Mason-D'Croz
Daniel Mason-D'CrozBrisbane

Kitschy and oddball are the two first adjectives that come to mind when I think of Roswell. Situated in some of the most desolate land in Eastern New Mexico, Roswell is famous for its association with aliens and the supposed alien aircraft that crashed nearby. Check out the museum, and just let yourself have a good time.

Pertanyaan Umum

Bulan yang paling murah yaitu Desember, dengan rata-rata sebesar Rp 1.103.094 per malam. Bulan yang paling mahal untuk menginap di Roswell yaitu Oktober, dengan tarif rata-rata sebesar Rp 2.492.174 per malam.
Rata-rata tarif hotel di April tahun lalu yaitu Rp 1.205.232 per malam. Tarif ini 23% lebih rendah daripada rata-rata tarif per malam sebesar Rp 1.487.815 yang dilihat selama 12 bulan sebelumnya.
Di Roswell, rata-rata suhu yang diharapkan di bulan April yaitu 17,2°C/63,0°F. Bulan yang paling tinggi suhunya yaitu Juni, kira-kira 35,8°C/96,4°F. Bulan yang paling dingin yaitu Desember, dengan rata-rata suhu -3,1°C/26,4°F.
Bandara terdekat ke Roswell yaitu Roswell (ROW) (10,79 km). Bandara terdekat lainnya di antaranya: Artesia (60,93 km)

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