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Nagasaki is off the beaten path for most Western tourists. Though it certainly doesn't rival Japan's top tourist cities (Tokyo, Kyoto, Nikko, Hiroshima, Nara, Kurashiki, etc.) it offers an interesting mix of unusual historical sights and religious monuments. The atomic bomb memorial sights and Gunkanjima (Hashima) are the highlights but Nagasaki also has a number of mildly interesting temples, churches, and historical industrial / trade-related sights. A nice place for a long weekend. Be sure to try Chanpon noodles and plan ahead and book Gunkanjima.

Matthew Crompton
Matthew CromptonSydney

The residents of Nagasaki must feel a bit strange sometimes. Known primarily for having suffered the devastation of the 2nd atomic bomb in 1945 (the preponderance of the victims of which were women, children, and the elderly), the city is overshadowed even in that ignominy by its neighbor, Hiroshima. The denizens here, though, can take comfort in living in a city that is one of the most beautiful and serene in Japan. Situated on the long finger of a pretty harbor on the western edge of the island of Kyushu, the city doesn't have any must-see sights, but a tour of Glover Gardens overlooking the mouth of the harbor is quite lovely, and gives a great overview of Nagasaki's history as Japan's door to the outside world, during the centuries when the rest of the islands were firmly closed to the wider world. There's not much reason to spend more than a day in this place, but it's worth a stopover if you've got the time.

Koji Kawano
Koji KawanoSan Francisco

Nice city on Kyushu island of Japan. I had a day trip when I was staying in Unzen, about 2.5-hour drive. Wish I had more time.

DGDoyleSan Francisco

I lived and traveled in Japan, and thought this was the most beautiful city I saw. I highly recommend taking a ferry to outlying islands. Nagasaki was the international gateway to Japan for centuries, and huntress is refereed in its comparatively diverse culture.

Pertanyaan Umum

Bulan yang paling murah yaitu September, dengan rata-rata sebesar Rp 969.295 per malam. Bulan yang paling mahal untuk menginap di Nagasaki yaitu Februari, dengan tarif rata-rata sebesar Rp 2.180.913 per malam.
Rata-rata tarif hotel di Maret tahun lalu yaitu Rp 1.272.199 per malam. Tarif ini 10% lebih rendah daripada rata-rata tarif per malam sebesar Rp 1.405.141 yang dilihat selama 12 bulan sebelumnya.
Di Nagasaki, rata-rata suhu yang diharapkan di bulan Maret yaitu 10,9°C/51,6°F. Bulan yang paling tinggi suhunya yaitu Agustus, kira-kira 31,7°C/89,1°F. Bulan yang paling dingin yaitu Januari, dengan rata-rata suhu 3,7°C/38,7°F.
Bandara terdekat ke Nagasaki yaitu Nagasaki (NGS) (18,36 km). Bandara terdekat lainnya di antaranya: Bandara Amakusa (39,72 km) Saga (59,38 km)

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